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Jamboy and Billy need to get out of a giant's belly, who's swallowed them! Explore a world infested with guts and bones , while defeating dangerous food monsters and finding a way out of this fleshy laberynth! 

A game by Nestiboy99

Music by Third Eye

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Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenrePlatformer, Action
Tags2D, Colorful, Funny, Monsters, Narrative, Short, Singleplayer, Story Rich, Unity


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Jamboy 2 Funghistic Update - Windows 272 MB

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Awesome Game!

thank you!!! :D

amazing game should be on steam (sry if it is already on steam)

Haha naa it’s not, but thank you! I’ll keep updating the game and if it gets long enough… maybe in the future…

that would be amazing :


Cool! ❤️

thankss!!! :D


thanks for playing! ;)

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Will you add speedrun mode for hardcore gamer or player who love this?

hahaha i actually would like to add time trial levels, where you only have X amount of seconds to beat the lvl, collect clocks that give you more time, etc. It’s just an idea at the moment, but i think it’ll be fun.

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Nice game, I am from Brazil and really liked that

Glad you liked it, greetings to you from Spain!

such a attractive game, very nice graphic, the enemy looks cute and cool at the same time. you should publish this on Steam :D

Thank you for your nice words haha i’d have to make it a bit of a longer experience for it to hit Steam, but i am working with my team on a potential Steam title :D

Amazing game! Glad I got the chance to play it! I will definitely check out the others you have made! It was challenging and very well executed. You have got some skills!

That’s great to hear!! I really appreciate your feedback, i’ll make sure to watch it later ;)

This was such a fun game. The animated cutscenes were absolutely amazing. Very well done. Keep up the great work! 

Thank you so much!! I’ll give it a watch, in case i spot a few bugs here and there.

Browsing on my phone, looks interesting, definitely gonna check it out on pc


Thanks! Do that ;)

Nicely done! The mechanics are pleasant and easy to learn :D And the concept is really unique!

There is something to report, though: just once, a bug occured in the intro - there was only audio. Other than that, a white screen was showing, with a writing "ciick to skip"... And because of that, I missed an absolutely sick cutscene!

I can't replicate this bug, though. It happened only once.


Huh… So, you repeated the process and you were able to see the cutscene?? That is weird…I’ll look into it, thanks! And of course, thanks for playing, glad you liked it ;)

Hey, I tested again, after reboot, and the cutscene played normally. I don't know, I think if it happened only once, there's no need to worry about it. More like, keeping in the back of the mind, if more people report the issue.


I guess you’re right, i still appreciate you keeping an eye open for potential bugs xdd

I am extremely impressed, that was fantastic. This is the first I've ever seen of this game. I'm definitely going to go check out the first one now! 

Haha thank you so much! I’ll watch your gameplay later. Well, the first one is garbage in comparison haha, but feel free to check out my other games xd

Full play through here: 

Overall a pretty solid game the boss fight was pretty dope. I like that you can get different weapons as well I think that was a neat touch and some of them are cool looking. I wish there was a Tape count or something though that let you knew that you collected all the tapes possibly in level select or something so the player would know they didn't miss any plot. 

Heyy there! That’s a cool idea, i’ll look into it. And thanks again for your review, sirrr ;)

Thank you for making the game again! ^_^

Great visuals.

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Thank you!! :D

Amazing game dev the storyline , soundtrack and art style are great good job 

Glad you had fun ;) thanks for playing!